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Its been a while and in a way… glad to have my site back. Am currently looking to work with someone to revamp and hopefully get this going again…

Look to connect with everyone soonest!


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Nikon Mirror-less Camera for Sale

New Nikon 1 J1 with Nikkor VR 10-30mm lens for Sale: $450. Interested parties, call 9001.0001


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Sea-Doo JetSki for Sale

2008 Sea-Doo RXT-X 255 Supercharged for Sale, 70 Hours of usage and asking for $10,800 – comes with Trailer and Cover.

Call +65.9001.0001 if keen.

Sea-Doo RXT-X 255

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Selling Your Club Membership

If you’re planning to do that, stay away from Tee Up(Fion Phua)!

I called them to enquire on a particular membership and confirmed on the deal which she said she will return my call after confirming with the seller. The call never came. Naturally, I called again the next day and asked what happened? She went ‘Whats wrong with your tone, woke up on the wrong side of the bed?’ I told her this is a transaction and keep her smart ass comments to herself. Told her to keep to the subject matter and if the Membership is still for sale or call it off.

Her reply: Call it off then, my seller has many buyers!

I pity those who had entrusted this female to sell their membership and think she’ll do a good job, worse of all, paying her!

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Insurance Policies’ Bonuses

It was all doom and gloom for Financial Products some years back. With the economy gradually bottoming up and recovering, rapidly for some Countries, Insurance Companies in Singapore have also moved in line with their commitment, in returning at least 90% of its profits to policyholders who own policies thats Participating with Profits.

However, one of them seem to move in the opposite direction…

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Save with AIA’s 2Pay5

Secure 2.20% Guaranteed Interest on your hard-earned money with AIA’s 2Pay5 – a 5 years tenure endowment with only 2 years of savings commitment(premium).

For more information, call +65 6100.4888 or email with your contact details!


Medical Insurance

People whom have worked with me will know I often start off when discussing ‘Medical’ insurance by clearing defining the total aspects of Medical Insurance, namely,

Hospitalisation – In-patient, Out-patient, Day Surgery, Hospital Income
Disability – Partial
Long-Term Care
Critical Illness

Basically, the above could be summed up as Survival Benefits to an individual whereby your typical Life Insurance is ‘useless’ as it pays NOTHING should any of the above-mentioned event occurs as you are still ‘alive’!

Thus, the immediate impact is the need for a lump sum cash for treatment. If you are the Sole Breadwinner, the next most felt impact would be the total HALT of all income to the family! Expenses would have now escalated because of your condition!

Perhaps, AIA could assist now to present it in a different angle, logon to our microsite: and find out more.

Alternatively, drop me an email at or just call me at +65 6100.4888 for a chat!

International Affairs


Prudential will terminate agreement to buy AIA Group!

Life's Real Contingencies

Sudden Death

I first met him when he delivered the Volkswagen Touareg to Exklusiv for viewing, many years ago…

Then in 2008, had lunch with J through Wenda, at his office and proposed to him Universal Life and arrangements for his daughter who was only 6 then. Typically, being a CEO, busy and all, we never got to meet…

Today, I received a SMS – early morning, he had a heart attack and passed on within seconds of the attack!

Came as a total shock to his wife and daughter, based in Singapore, who would never expect they won’t get to see him again… and now, neither would I.

Psalms 23 – Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Your rod and your staff, they will comfort me…

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Can-am Spyder

If you are a Can-am Spyder owner, please do send me a SMS with your mobile number as I am keen to get fellow Can-am owners together for gatherings on a regular basis.

Do send me a SMS with your contact details to +65 9100.4888 or email to

Thank you!