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Road Tax Revision

by | Mar 23, 2009 | General Insurance | 0 comments

Are you aware your Road Tax is now lower by 15%?

Here’s the catch: MORE ERP Gantries, Higher ERP Charges AND… LONGER ERP operating hours(up to 10pm on CTE!)!

I dread to think the day to come when ERP will go online for 24 hours!

In the name of ‘easing traffic congestion’ and making cost of owning cars ‘lower’, I am personally looking forward to having the removal of the COEs system – afterall, who else in the world implement such a system? Already with such a strict restriction on car ownership – 10 years lifespan, frequent inspection… how does COE really regulate car ownership?

Then again, such issues are too ‘big’ for me to fathom 😉

Revision Of Road Tax For Vehicles And Special Tax For Euro-IV Diesel Cars
1     As announced on 30 Jan 2008 and 15 Feb 2008, the road tax and special tax for vehicles will be revised with effect from 1 July 2008 as follows :

    a. The road tax for cars, motorcycles, taxis and commercial vehicles will be reduced by 15%. In addition, the road tax structure for electric and hybrid cars will also be revised; and

    b. The annual special tax for Euro-IV diesel cars will be revised from the current computation of four times of the road tax to $1.25 per cubic centimetres (cc) of engine capacity, subject to a minimum annual payment of $1,250.

2     The reduction in road tax is in line with the Government’s on-going approach of gradually shifting from vehicle ownership costs towards usage measures to manage congestion on roads. The revision to special tax structure for Euro-IV diesel cars is made in recognition of the improved emissions of Euro-IV diesel cars with respect to both particulate matters1 and carbon dioxide, and the fuel efficiency of diesel engines. It also seeks to narrow the difference in the cost of fuel consumption between a Euro-IV diesel car and a petrol car.

3     From 9 June 2008, the LTA will indicate the revised road tax/special tax rates (payment for special tax is made together with the road tax) on the road tax renewal notices or GIRO payment schedules issued. LTA’s e-Services@ONE.MOTORING portal (www.onemotoring.com.sg) which operates from between 6am and midnight daily will also henceforth reflect the new rates.

4     Vehicle owners have received notices or GIRO payment schedules from LTA prior to 9 June 2008 but renew their road tax/special tax on or after 9 June 2008 will pay based on the revised rates for the licensing period from 1 July 2008. Those who have received their road tax renewal notices or GIRO payment schedules with the higher road tax/special tax rates indicated may refer to the aforesaid portal to find out the new rates. They need not request for a new renewal notice or GIRO payment schedule.

Excess Road Tax/Special Tax Paid

5     There would be a number of vehicle owners who would have paid their vehicle road tax and special tax (if applicable) before 9 June 2008 based on the current tax rates for the period commencing 1 July 2008. In such cases, the excess amount paid would be indicated on the vehicle owner’s next road tax renewal notice, and would be automatically offset from the next road tax/special tax payable.

6     If the vehicle is transferred before its next road tax renewal, any excess road tax/special tax paid will be used to offset the total transfer fees payable. Any remaining road tax/special tax, including any excess road tax/special tax paid, will be transferred along with the vehicle to the new registered owner.

7     If the vehicle is de-registered, any remaining unused portion of the road tax/special tax and excess road tax/special tax paid will be automatically refunded to the last registered owner of the vehicle.

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